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DJVI status update!

2017-10-04 06:26:38 by DJVI

Hey guys! I haven't made an update for awhile so I think now is a good time for that. I've been very busy lately (as usual) but everything is going well. So yeah!

First of all I've been working on new tracks a lot lately and there should be more music coming up soon so stay tuned. I think they sound great and you will love them! And I hope you liked my latest track "Clickbait"  :) Btw Back on track just hit 9 million views on YouTube which is amazing and I've almost got 10k followers on SoundCloud!

As you probably know I'm also running my own label Sound Ward and I've been gaining more and more subscribers to Sound Ward's YouTube channel and things are looking good. If you haven't checked out it yet you definitely should, there's more cool music for your ears!

My school/work and personal stuff (and Overwatch lol) also consumes my time but I'm still trying to find as much time as possible to make music for you guys. Thanks for your infinite support and stay tuned for more music stuff  <3

New track for you guys :)

2017-08-10 09:39:18 by DJVI

Check out my new track called "Clickbait" if you haven't already! :) 

Listen here:

Second YouTube Channel!

2017-04-23 08:14:18 by DJVI

Hey guys!

Some of you may already know this but I'm running a second YouTube channel called Sound Ward. Sound Ward is a promotion channel for all genres of quality electronic music and I'm helping undiscovered artists to get exposure for their music and providing awesome edm for my listeners!

I recommend you to check it out and subscribe if you like elecktronic music similar to mine or if you are an edm producer yourself. I'm uploading 3-4 new tracks every week + edm mixes so there should be plenty of good music for you guys to listen :) 

Sound Ward:

New Track/Remix!

2017-03-14 01:16:39 by DJVI

Hey guys!

Check out my new track "Like An Animal" and tell me what you think about it :) It is actually a remake of one

of my old tracks and it features vocals this time! Make sure to also add it to your Spotify list.

● Listen on Newgrouds:

● Listen on Spotify:

Merry Christmas + New Track

2016-12-25 06:04:13 by DJVI

Merry Christmas guys and thanks for helping me to reach 1000 fans on NewGrounds!

Make sure to also check out my track, It is my Christmas present just for you :)


Listen on YouTube:

Listen on NewGrounds:



New remix is out!

2016-11-25 07:53:49 by DJVI

Check out the new remixed version of my old track "Rippers"!

New remix:

Original track:

Ducks Are Out!

2016-08-16 02:47:09 by DJVI

Check out my new dubstep track "Duck Escape" and share your thoughts!

Listen on Nerwgrounds:

Listen on YouTube:

Angels is now out!

2016-04-21 12:21:31 by DJVI

Hi everyone! My new track "Angels" is now released so make sure to check it out! This time I also mixed in some

vocals and they sound very cool!

Listen on Newgrounds:

Listen on SoundCloud:

God Mode enabled!

2016-03-26 12:10:59 by DJVI

Hey guys!

I just wanted to let you know that I just released a new track called "God Mode", I hope you like it! :)

You can check out the track here:



200k subscribers on YouTube!

2016-02-10 13:44:53 by DJVI

My YouTube channel just hit 200k subscribers and because of that I just released a new dubstep track for you guys! Thank you for your huge support and I hope you continue listening my music in the future :)

You can listen the track here: